Sebastian Kucera

Junior Software Engineer And Student


Hi, my name is Sebastian Kucera, I am student of IT at EDUCAnet Prague

In my free time I love to develop application and programs in various of languages

As an 17 year old I also love to play video games with my friends

If you want to work with me, you can contact me here :)

Programing skills


Java is a foundational, object-oriented programming language that has greatly influenced the development of many modern languages


HTML is the essential markup language for structuring web content and forming the basis of website design.


CSS is a stylesheet language used to describe the look and formatting of a document written in HTML or XML.


Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework for building efficient and customizable user interfaces.


JavaScript is a high-level, interpreted programming language that allows creation of interactive and responsive web pages.

Swift / SwiftUI

SwiftUI is a modern, cross-platform framework for building user interfaces with Swift, Apple's programming language.

Designing skills

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing software for edit, refine, and enhance video and audio content.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a versatile graphics editor for image creation, manipulation, and enhancement.


SwiftUI - BattleShips

An smart battleship computer that you can play against with UI and lots of other features.

SwiftUI - Sample app for Smart ID SDK

Florida Smart ID by Thales is an official app-based version of your Florida driver license.

SwiftUI - Pushly

SwiftUI app engaging people to exercise


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